About me

The person on the journey to freedom and success.

Hi, my name is Cim Paddock. I’m an individual involved in a variety of projects to reach my journey to freedom and success. Like most things in life, it has its ups and downs, which can be stressful, but I learn something new every day.

Why Cim’s Corner

I started this site because I believe in making your own way in life. After all, what is riskier going after your dream or relying on your job as your only source of income?

I work as a manager in the fast-food industry, but I ‘m working on ways to become free every chance I get. You can do it too.

Everyone has their own reasons to want to live life on their own rules:

  • Earn more money
  • Pay off debt
  • Learn new skills
  • Use free time more productively.
  • Escape the rat race

I believe in you. Whatever your reason, I’m here to help. This site will have literally hundreds of ideas. It showcases my journey to success and will also show my failures along the way.

This is about the experiments along the way, the journey. But it’s also about building a future of real financial freedom.

You can steer your own financial destiny.

My Story

I am a mother of five grown children (Samantha, Simon, Jasmine, Anthony, and Kaycee.), my two oldest daughters decided that I should be a Nona and have given me nine grandchildren (Lilly, Skylar, Landon, Ryan, Sophia, Hunter, Sawyer, Lala, and Cyric).

My pets are four dogs (Tianna, Buster, Biscuit, and Remi), three cats ( Coca-Cola, Charlie, and Karma).

I have lived in Indiana most of my life and now live in the house my great-grandparents bought and my grandparents bought from them.

So, what’s next? I’m so glad you asked.

Come join me as I go on this journey to freedom and success in these three categories; FinancialPersonal and Spiritual freedom.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Cim’s Corner




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